About us

More than copping the real world...

We are a couple of architects passionate about connecting architecture & technologies.

After 20 years of working in the real world at AVA architects, we decided to take a step forward, look up to the future and invest OUR TIME and resources in developing visually pleasing and functional virtual worlds for everyone to use and enjoy.

We come from architecture, STEAM education, Coding and research into new forms of spatial creation, and blend all these skills and our curiosity for new virtual spaces systems that address and shape the idea of ensuring great architecture that qualifies the spaces by useful immersive experiences, gaming & NFTs.



We help companies and brands demystify, better navigate, and capitalize on the weird and wonderful environment of Web 3


Architects can operate as a bridge between the actual and virtual worlds. The metaverse and associated technological breakthroughs provide a wealth of opportunities for architects to diversify and globalize our expertise.